Sunday, April 29, 2012


After graduation (only a week away!) my sister and I might move to the city of lights together :) If we do there will be much wardrobe, hair care, beauty product, and life style revamping between the two of us. It's always nice standing next to your sibling dressed to the T, realizing your differences and the wealth of knowledge you can exchange. I'm more stylish and up on the looks than her. She knows ten times more knowledgeable than me about hair care and beauty products! I don't ever wear makeup and lord knows my hair only sees a brush when I take a shower because if I brush it when its dry, it'll just get huge and poofy. All I use is leave-in conditioner and then leave it badly towel wrung to attempt in the next four hours to be dry. My hair is so heavy it actually takes three or four hours to dry! I'm a lot more motivated to exercise and work out and manage my eating than my sister but she knows all about cooking and healthy food! I manage my eating in that I don't eat a lot but damn, do I eat unhealthy!!! I don't know how to cook at all! I'm a lot better at baking. I'm too lazy to figure out what's healthy to eat :-/ See what we can trade? Similarities? We're both borderline anal retentive about organization and always keep our rooms clean and are pretty equal at interior design. But, once again, we're polar opposites: I'm clean when I'm not living with her. She's a complete and total mess when I'm not living with her. When we live together, she starts to clean all the time and I just get really messy... baaDOOM chhhaaaaa!

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