Monday, October 22, 2012


Michael Kors Tote

Bow Sleeves

Hipster Rope Necklace

Wear muted cream, brown, and black colors and then light up the outfit with a big hipster rope necklace in great patterns!

Urban Fall

Fall wear for the working urban girl. Make sure you take a taxi with those heels!

Quilted Leather

Mildly obsessed with quilted leather lately. Quilted leather on anything from a leather jacket to a big leather tote bag, or even on an article of clothing!

Leather Accents

For this fall and winter, I'm keeping my eyes out for leather accented knits! Snug sweaters that aren't too lumpy are great for the office. You can wear them with some cute trousers and maybe button up your blouse all the way to the collar to cut a tom boyish look. Or you can tuck your sweater into a pencil skirt (if the sweater is thin enough) and create a great contrast between a very tailored and formal skirt material and the knit!

Chanel Spring 2012 Collection

Soft Fabrics

Casual Fridays

Casual Friday: when your 'casual' means anything you can't normally wear to the office, including sequins.

Costanza Pascolato

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Winter Office Wear

For when shit gets cold. Don't forget some opaque black tights!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Elin Kling Guess

Top Shop Pencil Skirt

Love grey sweat clothes and ostentatious vintage jewelry!

Career Girl

Miroslava Duma

DIY Porcelain Jewelry Stand

On the other hand, A Pair & A Spare has some other amazing DIY projects that I 100% approve of :) Ever wanted a beautiful jewelry stand but was tired tired of the boring clay hands that hold rings and pink and white mini coat hanger looking things you're supposed to drape your necklaces all over? I mean how pink can you get. I reeeeally don't like excess pink. Just a little pink is enough for me. Plus I'm obsessed with blue patterned tiles and dishware! This DIY project I will definitely have to try... Plus you can get everything for what, like $15 bucks at an antique shop or a thrift store? Steal!

You'll need some glue, some different size dishes, egg cups, a toothpick, and a little cardboard square.

Cardboard square for swirling glue on tooth pick optional!

Caviar Inspired Cap Toe Heels

I love how the blogger of A Pair & A Spare tried to class up this cap toe DIY project by saying it was "caviar inspired". Let's face it, you were thinking about fish eggs and you decided to paste shit that looks like fish eggs all over your pumps that were probably fine to begin with. Ew. Regardless, fashion will be fashion. Here's the link and here's the photo tutorial.