Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tamu McPherson

Holy Catastrophe

I'm so confused. I don't understand what's going on. Isn't the upside of being filthy rich that you can afford high quality clothing and a stylist?? (key word being 'stylist' here)

Bar Fever

3rd Ave, NYC

Monday, March 7, 2011


13th Witness

Ear Cuffs

I REALLY want this!!!


Ethnic Jewels

I'm leaving for Nepal for spring break this week! And I know what I'm going to replenish when I go there... besides my thirst for photographic inspiration, I'm thinking some awesome tarnished jewelry.

I Dare You...

Photo Project

I'm definitely using glitter for my next photography project at school. I just need a free spirit to photograph...

Hidden Home

Paris Fashion Week 2011

Cute Mexican freelance stylist Andy, blogging from Amsterdam.

Amen Dress: Lindestore

I'm sorry but FINALLY! Chiara's wearing a decently assembled outfit that flatters her figure. Sure she's got a lot of designer stuff, but in my opinion she's just one of those chicks that has a lot of money and connects to get all these labels but she has no personal style or semblance of an idea of how to put an outfit together. So she just throws all the designer shit she has together. Ugh.. Even now though, that dress don't match anything!

bottom photo... Also Known As: WTF???

^^ It's like Bollywood. Except not because Bollywood is a million times better.

Asian Persuasian


Spell & The Gypsy

All Saints Trench


Oracle Fox