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I think on anyone else he'd look like one of those little naked trolls except with normal colored hair but he's him so he just looks damn gorgeous.

One Teaspoon Bra

Shirt: Zara, Shorts: Ralph Lauren

Parisian Miniskirt



Houston St., NY

MEN: Watch and Learn

That sweater... those aviators... 

 That ring... that watch... that collar...

That beater... 

Those tats... 

That neck... those shoulders... 

That jawline... that sweater...

Those shirts... those briefs... 

That shirt... that smile... 

That shirt... that necklace... 

Those arms... that tan...

That hair... 

That swag...

Flea Market

Ultimate Geek Squad



Wool Sweaters

Seriously, Wtf?

Honestly I've never tasted a bloody mary before but I feel like they have the stigma of being so cool but dude, it looks like you're drinking a tomato with a celery stick in it... Oh wait you are. I don't care if there's vodka in it. You drinkin' a tomato: wtf.


Julia Sarr-Jamois

Fashion Editor / Stylist, Wonderland Magazine

Mulberry St., NY

LeeLee Sobieski

Lara Melchior


Pink Lipped Blonde Chic


Really love this dress... highly doubt she's Buddhist. Actually the irony of the prayer beads and her outfit is hilarious. Ya dig?



Florals Body n Soul

Why Yes, I Live Here

Why Yes, I Live Here

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Site Delay Issues

Does anyone know why blogger is so delayed? It takes a good minute for it to catch up with my typing and wherever I place my cursor. It's not my computer, everything else works fine... it's just when I go on blogspot everything starts going in slo-mo... fuckin A.

Takes me twenty minutes to make a damn post.

Grecian Summer

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