Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ray-Ban "Clubmaster" Glasses

I've been wearing glasses since fourth or fifth grade when adults started realizing it wasn't that I was too stupid to answer any questions, I just couldn't see the damn chalk board. Soon, on strict instructions from my parents, I was shooed to the front of every class, made to sit right up in front of the teacher, ready to die on the front of the line. I had heavy, oval shaped purple metal glasses when I was little but after some awkward school photos, got contacts in seventh or eighth grade.

Now I wear long, black rectangular Guess frames when I can't be bothered to poke my eyes with plastic and I've had them for over eight years. It's time to get some better ones!

Introducing my new glasses frames!!!

Yes, I am a hipster :-/ But the first step is admitting it!!


  1. I thought if you admitted to being a hipster, you werent one anymore lol

  2. Just bought some vintage frames that look really similar to these ones,
    Except I don't even need glasses...I just put plastic lenses in and use them for decoration :P
    I guess that makes me an even worse hipster...?
    Anyhow, great blog :)