Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Magdalena Frackowiak

Looking around the street style blogs, there seems to be a bit of fashion stagnation... I haven't seen anything new or exciting, particularly on the models, yet. Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist always finds amazing outfits because he goes outside the box and photographs regular people he sees, not just fashion royalty. His girlfriend, Garance Dore, is not as good about that. AltamiraNYC put up some pretty mediocre photos lately of models. Seems everyone is still on the punk or polished look with a jacket, skinny jeans, and boots. Female editors and directors wear crazy patterned pencil skirts, been around for a good minute now I feel, and the men... Well men's fashion doesn't change much, just the material, patterns, and colors and such.

This is the only outfit that I really liked and it's not extraordinary in the least. Corduroy with a knit is pretty though and those boots are pretty cool. Magdalena could do with out the sunglasses, the boho/sack bag that I feel like the Olsen twins made so popular like three years ago and the hip pop which isn't really a hip pop because she don't got no hips. Regardless of what celebrating skinny models does to most people's self-esteem, skinny models just aren't that pretty to me. Most of them are pale and gangly and next to a hot, tan, normal sized woman they just look like little sickly girls. Skinny is fine, just like curvy is fine etc. We must celebrate all body types. But goddamn, get a tan girl and eat a little! No one wants to flirt with Little Miss Emaciated unless you got a six digit income.

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