Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DC Internship

Blazer Rag & Bone Trousers Les Kooples Shoes Proenza Schouler

I started my government internship today. Obviously this isn't me, this is Leandra Medine: clever journalist from the fashion blog The Man Repeller. She's got great style, she doesn't pull any longing, seductive or fashion faces in her photos and I rarely see her in any of the ultimate fashion poses (you know the ones). When you check out her blog, actually read what she has to say. She writes a satirical view of life minus the negativity so her jokes turn out to be pretty endearing. But anyways, govt internship.

DC is a land devoid of fashion diversity. Maybe its just the area that I live in but everyone who looks like they're making an effort to be fashionable looks like a Kennedy. It's like all the legacy kids from ivy league colleges came and spawned more legacy kids and so on and so forth. Everyone is so damn preppy, its Nantucket and Cape Cod all over the freakin' place. I've seen some really, really cute outfits no doubt. Everyone dresses up, especially in the summer because that's when all the interns come out as school ends. The city is full of young people going to their summer jobs and internships for newspapers, magazines, museums, companies, government organizations, divisions, departments... It's really a city built on employment. No one comes to DC to live, they come to work. That means when I wake up at 7:00 AM to catch the 8:20 AM train, I am one of a hundred college students or college graduates filing onto the metro in a little office outfit. Hence the photo above.

I tried to bring a little downtown NYC to the city but everyone just stared at me, I ended up feeling under dressed and it was just too humid to clomp around in combat boots. They should call it SC instead of DC. Swamp City. I can almost taste the sweat in the air. Thank God I work all day in air conditioning. All I have to say is, I've never seen so many young guys in suits and ties. And homeless people.

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